Rear End Body Mt Cushion Sub-Assembly Upper

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The Rear End Body Mt Cushion Sub-Assembly Upper (#52209-60050) is a key component in the Cab Mounting & Body Mounting system of your Toyota vehicle. This part primarily serves as a shock absorber and reduces vibrations between the body and frame of your vehicle. With this part operating optimally, you experience a smoother ride, with minimized noise and vibration. Over time, this cushion sub-assembly can wear out, become old, or even break. When this happens, it can significantly affect driving comfort and potentially cause damage to adjacent parts, leading to more costly repairs. Therefore, periodic replacement is advised. By utilizing genuine Toyota parts, you benefit from vehicle compatibility and the support of Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Essentially, the Rear End Body Mt Cushion Sub-Assembly Upper (#52209-60050) contributes to the overall smooth operation and safety of your vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 52209-60050

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