Instrument Panel Pin #1

About this product

The Instrument Panel Pin #1 (#55328-48040), an integral body part within the Instrument Panel & Glove Compartment system, holds a pivotal role in ensuring the security and proper positioning of the instrument panel in your Toyota vehicle. This pin aligns and secures the panel, allowing for a clear and unobstructed view of important vehicle information. Over time, the Instrument Panel Pin #1 (#55328-48040) can become worn or damaged, which could compromise the stability of the instrument panel. If left unchecked, a faulty pin could cause the panel to come loose, inhibiting the driver's ability to accurately read vehicle indicators. Using genuine Toyota parts, like the Instrument Panel Pin #1 (#55328-48040), is vital for vehicle compatibility. Plus, these genuine parts are supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In conclusion, the Instrument Panel Pin #1 (#55328-48040) plays an essential role in maintaining the functionality and safety of your vehicle's instrument panel, thereby enhancing overall driving efficiency and safety.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 55328-48041;55328-48010
Part Number 55328-48040

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